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Clinic Dr. Daniel Gonçalves
Leiria - Portugal

The challenge: increase efficiency on daily management of the Clinic's Information and consequently improve the Patient's Journey

Outcomes: reduction on 20% of time of daily operational procedures, and thus, improving Patient's care and attention.

Dr. Daniel's Osteopathy Clinic has always stood out for its personalized service. Each patient, apart from professional rigor, is treated as a member of the family.
And that was how we felt from the early stages of this project.

Even though there was a necessity on improving the process management, we quickly realized that this Clinic already had an organized management, which was mandatory for them because they had their full schedules.

But they had an open mind for change, so it was easier to "sell" a better way of doing things.


Very fragmented management of Clinical Files and Patient data, which was taking a long time to organize throughout the day.

We need to take a lot of time to prepare the clinical records and respective treatments. And if there is a punctual exchange of patients, we have to redo all these procedures.

Verónica GonçalvesReceptionist

1ª FASE - Research and Learning

We started by mapping the current Patient Experience Journey, simulating an appointment beggining from the phone call.
After a day of field research and role playing, we got some precious insights that we later discussed with Clinic workers and from there we were able to co-create some interesting ideas and implementations .

This mapping of the Patient's Journey allowed us to put ourselves on the other side of the reception desk and the Doctor's secretary and thus understand the most important part of the Clinic: patients.

2ª FASE - Development and Prototyping

How to save time by speeding up the day-to-day management of the Clinic?
The information management process was in need of a revolution: silos of isolated data made the effort for its daily use and the reformulation of Schedules very time consuming.

To address this issue, we have created a bridge between several platforms, unifying them with a single objective: saving time and streamlining processes.
Using a Calendar as the main part of the whole system, we have been able to connect all appointment management to the respective Patient Clinical Files, all directly linked to the Billing Program. So, with only a click, the recepcionist can create and deliver the Patient invoice!

And now? The lack of existing patient data on the new Platform...
With the system ready and set to go, we needed the Patient's data. Without that, we would have a "car ready to ride", but we did not have fuel/electricity :) to really get him going.
So, we designed and developed an migration area for existing data so that they could start working on the system as soon as possible.


With the system up and running, we estimate we were able to reduce administrative time in about 20%, gaining a considerable margin to be able to provide better care of patients.


I do not deny my initial internal resistance, but when I got to know WayAcross's always available team, everything was organized and evolved quickly!
I emphasize the unique way that WayAcross, with just a few meetings and field research presented solutions that I myself with 60h/week in the CLinic for so many years, had not yet seen!
"There must be humility to leave the island to see the island!"

From there to the implementation of these ideas was a a small step, always accompanied and personalized, and today nothing is like before! More technological, integrated and digitalized information, more organized, with more attention to detail, all this releasing essential time for other things! Far more productive in short!

It is with pleasure to recognize that there are still people / companies that you can trust!
I never thought that a bespoke platform, could get so far!! And also left open doors for improvements in the future!
"To lead efficiently is to let go of pride. Maybe this is not a tip for your career, but for your life." Rafael Russon

Thank you.                       


Daniel Gonçalves Osteopath / Manager

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